Thursday Night Winner

2019 Thursday Night Winner - bella Thomas

Mutton Bustin' Rules

 Entries will be taken until July 21, 2019, or until filled.

 ALL contestants in this event must wear protective gear including a helmet and vest. Red Desert Roundup Rodeo will have mouthpieces available for purchase.

 Contestant must ride for six(6) seconds. All rides will be timed. Rides not lasting six (6) seconds will not be given a score but time will be recorded. Awards will be given based on scored rides first. If there are not three qualified rides, second and third place will be awarded by the next two longest ride times, respectfully. Time will start when the animal crosses the plane of the chute gate.

 Ropes will be provided for each rider. Contestants may NOT take ANY wrap around their handswith the rope. **Contestants can choose toride without a rope, if they choose. If they chooseto ride without a rope, notify the chute help and the sheep will be loaded without a rope.

 Judges will score each qualified ride. No negotiations over scores will be allowed. No score will be changed once given.


 Weight Limit:50 lbs or less 

 Payout Nightly:

1st Place-$20.00&Buckle 

2nd Place-$20.00 

3rd Place-$10.00 

 **Draw results will be posted no later than Tuesday July 23, 2019 on the Red Desert Roundup Rodeo Website ( It is the responsibility of the rider to know which performance he/she is competing in. NO refunds will be given for missing a performance. 



Thursday Pre-Show Performance

Friday Pre-Show Performance

Saturday Pre–Show Performance




Weight Limit:50 lbs or less

Entries are call-in ONLY and slots will be filled on a first-come basis.We will take call-ins until the event is full. 

Call-In Number: 307-705-2049 (you may leave a message; however,your entry is not confirmed until we speak with you and provide you with an entry number) 

 Mouth guards may be purchased through the Red Desert Rodeo Committee 

 Mandatory Gear (RDR will have some available for use): helmet and vest 

 Once the draw is complete and all slots are filled (payment and release form completed), each contestant will receive a packet from the Red Desert Roundup Rodeo which can be picked up at the front gate, there will be NO back gate access allowed. Packets will contain one "contestant" band for each participant as well as one for a guardian, all other family members need to purchase a ticket. ALL CONTESTANTS AND FAMILY MEMBERS MUST ENTER THROUGH FRONT GATE.Check-in by 6:15 pm the night of your performance.

 ONLY ONE guardian will be allowed to accompany contestant behind the chutes. Once the Mutton Bustin’ Riding is over, contestants and guardians will be asked to return to the main grandstand area for the remaining part of the rodeo.

 For any questions, please call Lauren Reed (307) 705-2049


 **Print and fill out release form. Return with payment postmarked no later than July 10, 2019 OR be returned to the Chamber of Commerce located at 1897 Dewar Drive no later than Monday July 22, 2019. Any payment not received by this time will result in slots being filled by alternates--NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Click here for release form