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Red Desert Roundoup Rodeo

Red Desert Roundup 2018 Rodeo
July 26, 27, & 28

The Golf Tournament - Friday (27th)
The Parade - Saturday (28th)


Red Desert Roundup Rodeo


PRCA Rodeo Announcer: Chad Nicholson

When it comes to excitement, PRCA Rodeo Announcer Chad Nicholson is right in the middle of it helping to make it all happen. Since 1993, he has been entertaining and educating rodeo fans from coast to coast and border to border maintaining a busy schedule annually. 

Chad, a native Texan, now makes his home in the Central California farming community of Exeter. But he credits his Texas roots that initially spawned his aection of the sport. A former contestant himself, Chad has accomplished much over his 19 year professional announcing career. From being selected to announce 9 PRCA Circuit Finals to the prestigious Canadian Wrangler Prorodeo Tour Finals, he has always maintained one simple philosophy, have fun and make sure everyone else has fun too. 

There are many aspects of Professional Rodeo that keeps Chad traveling 40,000 miles per year, but probably the most important to him is the patriotic atmosphere that naturally exists in rodeo. A United States Marine Corps Reserve Veteran, Chad prides his announcing ability in his powerful, patriotic openings. “The Rodeo Cowboy is one of the last free-spirits left in America today”, he says, “and we never will forget who and what gives us the opportunity to participate in and carry-on such a great American tradition that truly exemplifies freedom and heritage.” In fact, his openings have become so popular, that he receives hundreds of complimentary emails from fans, rodeo committees, and of course U.S. Armed Forces Veterans. “There are no scripts to my openings. I just speak from the heart letting pure emotion drive the moment,” Chad said. And pure emotion coupled with his extensive rodeo knowledge and a very high fun factor is exactly what you will get from start to finish of every rodeo performance he announces. 


2018 Rodeo Royalty

Rodeo Royalty BIOs


Kinley is the daughter of Brad and Suzzette of Rock Springs.  She is a freshman at Western Wyoming Community College with plans to get her Associates Degree in Exercise Science.  She is a member of 4-H, AQHA, and Wyoming Bits and Spurs horse show circuit.   Kinley is a Certified Nurse’s Assistant and enjoys horses, her family, and the outdoors.



Marissa is the daughter of Kelly and Nadine of Rock Springs.  She attends Farson Eden High School where she is in the 9th grade.  Clubs include 4-H horse and lamb, Drama, basketball and volleyball.  She enjoys spending time with family, art, and the outdoors. 



From Rock Springs, Nakel is the daughter of Kelly and Nadine.  She is in the 10th grade at Rock Springs High School.  She is involved in 4-H with horses and lambs, elite women’s choir and professional baking.  She loves to read, train horses, sing, and spend time with family. 



Sierra is the daughter of Autumn Christie and Travis Fletcher of Rock Springs.  She is a freshman at Black Butte High School in Rock Springs.  Sierra is involved in 4-H Horse, gymkhanas, and was a competitor in the 2017 Youth and Mustang challenge.  She enjoys drawing and family time.  



Nevaeh is the daughter of Dan and Terra of Green River.  She is in the 10th grade at Green River High School.  She is a member of 4-H, Green River FFA, FFA horse judging, and One Stride Closer.  She was awarded the Greenhand degree in FFA.  She enjoys drawing and hunting.




Jill Franzen is a professional sound and music technician from Riverton, Wyoming. She has been doing rodeo sound and music for over 10 years. In those years, she provided sound for various rodeos around the country including:

* 2006-2010 Dodge National Circuit Finals
* 2007-2009 Mountain States Circuit Finals
* 2009-2011 Badlands Circuit Finals
* 2000-2011 Estes Park, CO "Rooftop Rodeo
* 2000-2011 Belle Fourche
* 2006-2011 Gooding

Jill came by her profession naturally, for she is the daughter of Hank and Lori Franzen owners of Powder River Rodeo, LLC. Jill began doing sound and music as a summer job working for her parents. In 2003 Jill’s Sound was formed and now provides sound and music for various Stock Contractors and Rodeos across the country. Jill is a 2005 graduate from the University of Wyoming in Business Administration. Jill’s degree and family back ground provides her with knowledge and professionalism making her one of the best rodeo sound technicians. Jill’s personality coupled with her perfectionism makes her a big hit at any rodeo. Jill is very easy to work with and is successful at making any rodeo a sensation! Jill’s goal is to enhance rodeos with great sound and music, but never to compete or take over the rodeo. Jill is very proud of the fact that she provides sound for some of the best rodeos in the world and always is asked back!

Jill would enjoy visiting with anyone interested in enhancing their rodeo with great sound and music! 

Stock Contractor

Powder River Productions, owned and operated by Hank and Lori Franzen of Riverton, WY will produce the roundup for the 20th year in 2018 They have won more than 75 top stock awards and have an outstanding reputation among professional cowboys. Their stock is one of the reasons the continues to draw top contestants. 

Red Desert Roundup Rodeo

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